An intensive , one – day workshop for newbie entrepreneurs ( or soon-to-be entrepreneurs) who need a strategic marketing plan that’ll make their business dreams a reality.


You’ve come so far with your business idea, but now you’re stuck.

You want to attract clients, generate revenue and make a difference more than anything, but you’re not sure how to position yourself in the marketplace so that people see you as a real contender.

You’re frustrated, under pressure to figure things out and wishing you had someone who could give you an outside perspective so that you could figure out your next steps.

The good news?

We offer you that outside perspective.

Consider this workshop the essential first step on your journey to building a successful business.

” Sarah, gave me everything from defining my purpose, understanding my customer and creating a value proposition, right through to where to go to get my web site done, logo designed and how to use Google adwords amongst other things. I couldn’t have done it without them”

Natalie Carrington, Blooming HR

8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail in the first

18 months.

…that’s a staggering 80%.


Here at the Small Business Marketing Mentor, we don’t want you to fail. And we don’t want you to feel confused, either. Instead, we want to take your idea, help you look at it from all angles, and figure out how you can make it work.

Together, we’ll lay a solid foundation on which to build your business, so that you can stop guessing and start making progress.

Designed especially for entrepreneurs in the early stages of developing a venture, The Start-Up Intensive is a one-day workshop that will take you from basic idea to workable business in the space of just one day.

No fluff. Just honest feedback, sound advice and the benefit of more than three decades’ worth of business and marketing experience.

Over the course of the day, you’ll . . .

  • Figure out whether your business idea will go the distance—BEFORE you invest your time, money and heart.
  • Identify your target market: Who will buy what you’re offering? And how much will they pay?
  • Structure your business model in a way that makes sense to you AND your clients. (Because even if you’re doing what you love, there are STILL bills to pay.)
  • Determine your unique approach so that you can stand out in a crowded marketplace.

“The two intense days I spent with Sarah changed my life, my thinking and invariably the long term success of my business.”

See your business through three different lenses :

Your ideal customers

Who are they? What do they want? What do they need? What problem are you solving for them? And are they willing to pay in order to solve it?

Your potential competitors

Who’s your competition? How does your approach differ? And how are you uniquely qualified to do the work you do?

Your business model

What are you building? How will you make money? How much capital do you need to get started? Will you be able to make a profit?

How it works:

Join me, Sarah Denby-Jones, for one full, uninterrupted day of strategic planning—either at your place, or right here in Sydney, Australia.*

Got an idea for a business?


We’ll take your idea and run with it—testing, challenging and developing whatever you’ve got into a viable business model.


*Special note: While we happily travel anywhere in Sydney (schedule permitting), Start-Up Intensives elsewhere DO incur additional travel costs. Contact me for more information.

Imagine…an entire day customised to you and your business.

No two businesses are alike. Which is why no two Start-Up Intensives are alike, either.

Your idea, situation and goals are personal to you—and so we’ll tailor the day’s agenda to help you maximise our time together.

A fortnight before we meet, I’ll send you a “Diagnostic”, which will ask you more about your idea, your target market, your life objectives and financial goals. This will help me decide how to structure the day so that you get the most out of every minute.

What we’ll cover

We’ll examine your business concept in detail.


During the first half of the day, we’ll look at:

  • existing marketplace opportunities

  • the specific problem you’re solving

  • who your ideal customers are

  • what makes your business compelling

  • what your signature offerings might be , or how you could improve your existing offerings

  • how to create VALUE for your community

  • how you shape up to the competition – and what you can do to differentiate yourself

During the second half of the day, we’ll focus on:

  • developing your core business concept;

  • effectively communicating your “value proposition” to your customers (in other words: the primary reason a customer should buy from you)

  • outlining a high-level business model that generates enough revenue

  • the scale and nature of resources needed to bring your business idea to life

  • identifying the people you’ll need to support you, moving forward

  • figuring out which steps you need to take next

  • the main reasons why businesses fail—and how you can avoid making them

Your Action Plan:

Following our all-day session, I’ll send you a summary outlining everything we discuss—as well as an action plan for the next 90 days.

You’ll have a stack of strategies and ideas to get you started in the right direction, which means you can now start the more detailed work of planning and implementing everything we discussed.


Need additional support? Our Accelerator Program will give you what you need to create, build and grow your business quarter by quarter.

Follow Up:

Four weeks later, we’ll have a 30-minute check-in call during which we can catch up on your progress and talk through any areas where you’re feeling stuck, or needing more clarity or guidance.


“I spent time with Sarah at the beginning and I honestly would not have had the success I have had without her direction, knowledge and advice…This was over 3 years ago.  I still contact Sarah for further information and guidance.  When I have a new product to launch or a growth phase coming up, I always call Sarah to get her insight” . Natalie Carrington

Ready to stop wasting time, money and energy trying to figure everything out by yourself?

It’s time to create the business you want to run so that you can live the life you want to live.

Indispensible insights. Smart marketing. Insanely creative thinking.